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  2. Keyword: "home theater installation nj", Adwords CPC: 46.54 USD.
  3. Keyword: "coming attractions theaters", Adwords CPC: 44.05 USD.
  4. Keyword: "ucla school of theater film and television", Adwords CPC: 38.26 USD.
  5. Keyword: "otterbein theater", Adwords CPC: 32.38 USD.
  6. Keyword: "movies theater in houston tx", Adwords CPC: 31.75 USD.
  7. Keyword: "plex home theater", Adwords CPC: 31.56 USD.
  8. Keyword: "hampton amc theater", Adwords CPC: 31.28 USD.
  9. Keyword: "kids movies now playing in theaters", Adwords CPC: 29.71 USD.
  10. Keyword: "theater database", Adwords CPC: 29.67 USD.
  11. Keyword: "park road theater charlotte nc", Adwords CPC: 29.28 USD.
  12. Keyword: "moorpark college theater", Adwords CPC: 28.97 USD.
  13. Keyword: "dallas home theater installation", Adwords CPC: 28.65 USD.
  14. Keyword: "samsung home theater system ht-tz512", Adwords CPC: 27.9796 USD.
  15. Keyword: "theater technical", Adwords CPC: 27.4415 USD.
  16. Keyword: "maine state music theater", Adwords CPC: 26.78 USD.
  17. Keyword: "theater major careers", Adwords CPC: 26.6 USD.
  18. Keyword: "johnson creek movie theater", Adwords CPC: 26.23 USD.
  19. Keyword: "knoxville movies theaters", Adwords CPC: 26.03 USD.
  20. Keyword: "energy 5.1 take classic home theater system review", Adwords CPC: 25.75 USD.

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